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Looking for a coupon, a discount, and gift cards? Well! You come to the right department. This store is trying to help our customers save money by listing current deals. We do not guarantee any savings but only list what our vendors and companies make available to us.Click on the banners and links to see if you can save. Some of these require a sign-up and or a membership sign-up so when you return, they will know that you have ordered before. Like our page and our Facebook. Thanks for visiting ceeushopping.

You will find coupons and gift cards for Mall 1 and Mall 2. It is up to you in deciding what you want and what you like. We hope that you will enjoy the convience of finding quick information to help you save. Let us know how we are doing and enjoy shopping. We will be adding and taking away coupons, gift cards and codes as needed or when they expire.

Note: Disclosure Statement for ceeushopping- Linda Cannion (Cee) is a participant in the Rakuten Publisher Program, and other affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for profits through advertising and publishing of online virtual retail mall products from store vendors to earn commissions through sales #paid, #ad, and social media fees earned and paid by advertising and linking to Rakuten in Mall 1 and Other future companies in Mall 2. I may be compensated or paid for through the links that all customers click on and buy/purchase. Please be advised that multiple reviewers, customers, shoppers may not experience the usual typical results. The shopping experience and results could be different for everyone shopping on ceeushopping web mall site. The site name is: ceeushopping and the website address is: https://www.ceeushopping.com. Thank-you! For your business and for shopping in ceeushopping. Linda Cannion for ceeushopping.


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